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30th May 2022

People are reviewing ‘sex toys’ that are actually hair products in humiliating posts

‘They’re long, they’re thick, they’re hot, BUT they’re not sex toys,’ the hair styling company said

People are reportedly getting seriously confused and using hair styling tools… as sex toys.

Mark Hill, the hair styling company, issued an urgent warning to its customers, suggesting some were mistaking them for tools of a very different kind.

The electrical products are meant to enable users to style their hair in a variety of ways – whether it be tight curls or relaxed waves. The barrels, corkscrews and wavers that create the hairstyles are available in a ‘Pick N Mix’ range for customers to choose from. Some even include ‘extra long’ additions.

Metro reported Monday that some users had posted reviews believing them to be sex toys. It is not known where the reviews were posted.

One review, the newspaper said, reads: “After a couple of near accidents and completely new sensations, I found it’s pretty good at doing my hair as well! Please don’t make the same mistakes as me.”

Another said: “I’m obsessed with what this does to my hair. Holds all day and looks like I’ve walked straight out of the salon with a perfect wave. As a warning to my fellow ladies, though, don’t be tempted to use this in another, more bedroom-focused way, as appealing as it is. So. Many. Regrets.”

Even those who hadn’t used the products for x-rated purposes had reportedly experienced some awkwardness.

One person wrote: “My very conservative mother found it in my bathroom and now isn’t speaking to me because she thought it was something else. I’m sure you can figure out what. So, I’m taking recommendations for great ways to style my hair with this, and ways to convince my mum that it isn’t what she thinks it is.”

And for others, it’s even caused problems in the workplace.

One reviewer said: “So glad I bought this product, it’s been a lifesaver on those bad hair days. The one negative I can think of? My manager saw it in the back of a work call and mistook it for a dildo, so I’ve now got to speak to HR about having an appropriate backdrop on video calls. Not my finest moment.”

Posting on Instagram, @markhillhair said: “They’re long, they’re thick, they’re hot, BUT they’re not sex toys. Every Mark Hill hair tool has been created to make your hair look better than ever – and sometimes, this leads to a suspicious looking design. While they may sometimes make your mum ask questions, your partner get a bit too excited, or your boss look unconvinced as you explain your way out of what they saw behind you on Zoom, we can assure you that there’s nothing x-rated about our products.”

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