British people have been named the most sex-obsessed people in the world 4 months ago

British people have been named the most sex-obsessed people in the world


Turns out, we're a randy ol' rabble

A recent survey has found that the British are "the most sex-obsessed country" in the entire world.


According to The Global Sex Index, a study conducted by From Mars - an online men's healthcare service - shows that we Brits are apparently the most sex-obsessed people on the planet, pulling data from our various and sultry search habits.

Beating out the Republic of Ireland and Malta in second and third, respectively, it was found that the UK has the most average monthly searches per 100,000 people when it came to searching for sex toys.

Speaking of which, the fleshlight is the most popular in the UK, with the dildo favoured by the majority of other countries across the world. There are an estimated 3,421 searches for sex toys and online sex shops in the UK - the highest rate anywhere in the world. You cheeky little minxes.


On the other hand, in typical British fashion, our favourite sex position was deemed to be missionary - though the same went for more than 20 other countries in fairness. Turns out we're all pretty vanilla, most of the time.

Unsurprisingly given what we've already told you, the UK also has the second-highest monthly porn search volume, with over 16 million searches made on average - a 22.1 per cent increase between 2020 and 2021. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the top search category was lesbian, apparently.

We were only exceeded by the US with a staggering 68 million per month but in fairness, the place is absolutely massive. Proportionately, we're still very much up there.

You can see the full extent of the research here and find out everyone else's bedroom habits - but for now, the stats speak for themselves: Brits are the most sex-obsessed people in the world. We'll cheers to that.


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