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30th Jul 2015

Russian women catfish Isis and steal $3,300

Kevin Beirne

Want to book that perfect holiday you’ve always dreamed of? Well now you can, with the help of infamous terrorist organisation Isis.

At least, that’s what three young women from Chechnya decided after Isis members attempted to recruit them on social media. The three women saw their chance to make some easy money. An easy $3,300 to be exact.

The trio even sent their would-be recruiters a series of fake images in order to convince them to send on the money to assist with their travel to Syria. Once the money was sent by anonymous transfer, they planned to simply cash in and delete the social media accounts they had been using.

Of course, we don’t advise anyone to actually attempt to catfish Isis, or any other terrorist organisation, as it is a completely insane idea. Also, it will probably definitely get you put on a series of unfriendly watchlists.

The women are currently under investigation for fraud, although we can’t imagine there’s too much of a push to get them convicted.

H/T Yahoo Travel