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06th Nov 2023

New dating technique says woman shouldn’t sleep with a man until he’s spent $2,000 on her


It’s caused quite the stir online

Modern dating is a bit of a minefield. From the advent of dating apps to the prevalence of social media meaning you always risk being plastered online for your faux pas. It can be quite tough to get out there and find The One.

And now, there’s another supposed rule you have to stick to in the dating arena. At least that’s according to Jana Hocking, who says she’s witnessing the rise of the $2,000 rule.

Now, you’ve probably all heard of the three date rule, in which prospective partners are to refrain from physical intimacy until after the third date. This is supposed to weed out the people who are just after a quickie and gives a certain level of commitment to the other person, hopefully building your chance of finding love.

Well the $2,000 rule is similar.

Hocking says the rule is doing the rounds on social media that encourages women to hold off on getting between the sheets until the fella she’s interested in has spent a decent amount of money on them.

She said: “The first reason why this new rule is kinda growing on me is that if a guy is willing to go on enough dates to warrant $2,000 out of pocket expense, then there’s a fair chance the guy is properly invested in you,”

“I mean, if a libido can withstand that many dates, then he’s a keeper.”

“The second reason I like this rule, and I think most importantly, is spending that amount of time together without getting distracted by nakedness might actually help us get all those icks out of the way nice and early.”

Hocking was initially unsure about the rule because, well, it’s an awful lot of money. But she is apparently warming to the idea, partly due to the time it would afford women to be able to determine whether the man was right for them.

The rule obviously doesn’t work for men on the wealthier end of the socio-economic scale, but for us regular blokes, she says women should give it a try.