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06th Oct 2022

Man slapped after proposing with gummy ring at Major League Baseball game

Steve Hopkins

Perhaps he wasn’t that invested in the relationship after all

A man’s grand proposal at a major league baseball game went a little left field, with the romantic gesture earning him a slap across the face from than a fiancée.

Crowds gathered at the Rogers Centre, Toronto to watch the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Boston Red Sox found themselves front row when the proposal went down on October 2.

In footage of the incident, which has ricochetted across social media going viral, the sports fan stops his girlfriend on the steps of the stadium to begin his proposal.

@canadianpartylife Shes said yes? #proposal #jays #toronto #foryourpage #fyp #baseball ♬ original sound – Canadianpartylife

Before things go horrible wrong, the baseball fan can be seen pulling his girlfriend in close for a kiss before telling her, “I love you”.

As he gets down on one knee, the girlfriend covers her mouth in shock, and the camera crew rush over to capture the magic moment.

But the woman’s hopeful anticipation quickly sours when her beau pulls out a black ring box from his jean pocket only to present her with a gummy ring.

The woman’s smile quickly flips into an angry frown as she clocks her partner across the face.

Baseball fans in the crowd also recoil in horror.

“What the f**k is wrong with you?” the upset girlfriend can be heard asking before throwing her boyfriend’s face and storming off.

Viewers of the video are divided over the woman’s reaction, with some suggesting it was a preliminary gesture and she should have hung in there.

“She isn’t worth it man. Lol so aggressive . U got her though lol priceless,” one person wrote.

“& here’s me literally wanting to be proposed to with a ring pop cause the actual ring can come later I think what he did was super cute,” another said.

Not everyone was so understanding: “Humiliate the one you love in front [of] thousands?

“Should [have] been a real diamond. Run girl! I would [have] done the same. It’s called self worth.”

But one user countered: “I get that she didn’t like this, but it’s no reason to slap him across the face. Especially in front of thousands.”

Some viewers suggested it looked like the man was going to give her a real ring after the prank, having spotted what they thought was the outline of another ring-sized box in his other pocket.

“Looks like the right ring box was in the other pocket!!” one viewer wrote.

“He had the main ring in his pocket if she can’t get a joke she better not be with you,” penned another.

Regardless, it is surely a proposal neither of them will forget.

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