Groom slammed for going to own wedding to bride, 16, in jeans and t-shirt 4 months ago

Groom slammed for going to own wedding to bride, 16, in jeans and t-shirt

'Wedding at 5. Wetherspoons with the lads' at 6'

A young groom has been blasted on social media for turning up to his big day in a pair of jeans a t-shirt.


In a video shared on TikTok, 16-year-old Violet Price from Doncaster, shared a clip of her "best friend" and fellow traveller Catherine Nicholson, who is also 16, getting married.

The clip was viewed more than 1.5 million times before being removed from the platform - but not before many had raised questions about the groom's attire.

He'd opted to go for a black t-shirt from Palm Angels, along with some grey washed jeans and trainers.


The groom opted for a black t-shirt paired with grey washed jeans and trainers (TikTok)

Nicholson on the other hand was in a traditional white wedding dress.

One person asked: "Did he not know he was getting married?"


Another joked: "Wedding at 5. Wetherspoons with the lads' at 6."

A third said: “Imagine putting all the effort into looking beautiful & then your 'fiancé' shows up like THAT?”

The video starts with Nicholson and Price having fun on a fairground ride with the caption: "My best friend a couple of months ago telling me she ain't gunna fall in love."


The video starts with Violet and Catherine at a fair, two months before Catherine gets married (TikTok)

In accompanying audio, they can also both be heard chanting: "I ain't falling in love this summer, I do my thing this summer."

The video then cuts to Nicholson on her wedding day, just two months later.

Along with concern over the groom's style, many also raised issue with how quickly the couple had decided to get married.

One person said: "Everyone talking about what he's wearing but I'm thinking how a couple of MONTHS before her wedding she didn't wanna fall in love…"


Another suggested the images from the wedding day did not show a beaming bride, saying: "She's not exactly giving happy in love vibes tbf."

A third added: "Okay but his outfit aside, sis don't even look happy."

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