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04th May 2022

Man proposes in queue at packed McDonald’s and gets brutally rejected

Steve Hopkins

If anyone knows romance its not Ronald McDonald

A man tried to propose in the line at McDonald’s but his wife-to-be wasn’t lovin it at all.

Video of the proposal in South Africa has gone viral on social media after the unknown Romeo got very publicly rejected.

The video shows the man standing next to a trolley laden with takeaways as his partner speaks to the McDonald’s server who can clearly see what is about to happen.

Before the woman even turns around, the man has a ring box open.

The woman shares an exasperated look with the employee who uses her hand to shield her face.

Although you can’t hear what is being said, the woman clearly exchanges some angry words with her partner, before she marches off to a chorus of boos from onlookers who are videoing on their phones.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 3.7 million times, ends by showing the man claiming his McDonald’s order – alone – but not his partner’s hand in marriage.

“Witnessed such a sad situation today,” a tweet of the video said.

People replying to the clip were quick to make fun of the man’s choice of location to pop the question: “Proposing in public seems so manipulative to me, cuz if she rejects you she’s the villain even though you put her on the spot,” wrote one critic.

“If u propose to ur gf in front of a McDonald’s u definitely deserve to be rejected,” added wrote.

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