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16th Jul 2019

Vegan strongman hits out at claims there are no good vegan weightlifters

A guest on the Joe Rogan Experience claimed there wasn't a good vegan strongman currently plying his trade. But one German powerlifter took issue with that

Alex Roberts

It’s a myth that you can’t build muscle without meat

Equally untrue is the idea that you can’t gain strength on a plant-based diet. But that didn’t stop a guest on one well-known podcast claiming there wasn’t a good vegan strongman currently plying his trade.

Robert Oberst was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. Oberst is a career strongman and regular entrant at World’s Strongest Man.

When the topic of nutrition came around, Oberst was asked if there was a vegan strongman working in the industry.

Rogan began by asking: “What kind of diet are you guys on?”

Oberst replied: “Just a ton of meat and rice, and we do a lot of peppers and stuff like that.”

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“No one’s vegan?”, Rogan asked. “What about that one guy, Patrik what the f**k’s his name?”

Rogan was referring to Patrick Baboumian – a German-Iranian vegan strongman with a whole host of records to his name.

Oberst said: “None of the top ones in the world. There’s a vegan strongman I’ve heard of, I don’t remember his name, but he’s never been the World’s Strongest Man.”

Baboumian has now responded. Emphatically.

“Yes, you’re right,” Baboumian said. “I have never won the World’s Strongest Man. Have you ever won the World’s Strongest Man?

“I was just wondering so I checked your Wikipedia. It doesn’t mention one single competition you’ve won. That’s weird, isn’t it? So it looks like you haven’t won anything in your career. And I haven’t won World’s Strongest Man, that’s right.”

“But then, I’ve won some other competitions, like German Open Overall Champion, two time German Lightweight Champion in Strongman, German Heavyweight Champion in Strongman, European Champion in Raw Powerlifting, one official Lightweight World Record, three official Heavyweight World Records. Against zero competitions won.”

Shots fired back.

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