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27th Aug 2015

This Bollywood movie about rugby might be the most ridiculous film ever made (Video)

Sweet Jesus...

Conor Heneghan

And you thought the rugby in Invictus was bad?

The Rugby World Cup is on next month and in the build-up to it, many people not too familiar with the sport will be looking to brush up on their rugby knowledge so they can enjoy it that bit more.

If they’re doing that, they should stay as far away as possible from a movie known as Sye, a 2004 release about two warring college gangs who use a game of rugby to settle their differences.

Although it’s 11 years old, the movie has been doing the rounds on the Internet lately after it was shared on Reddit and by the USA Sevens Rugby team amongst others.

Bollywood made a rugby movie and it’s INCREDIBLE. Can’t stop watching it. Share it! See more at USA Sevens Rugby

Posted by USA Sevens Rugby on Wednesday, 26 August 2015

It’s so bizarre (and hilarious) that we won’t spoil the fun for you and let you watch it for yourself above.

Suffice to say that it could be the most ridiculous sports movie ever made, quite a statement to make for anyone who’s seen this…