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13th Nov 2021

These ‘House of Gucci’ memes proves the internet remains undefeated

Danny Jones

And just like that, a new format is born

We’re gonna be honest, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Adam Driver rocking up to a red carpet didn’t strike us as a winning formula right away – we just thought they were the star of the new House of Gucci doing their thing at the premiere like everyone else.

Turns out, simply by the virtue of their sheer vibes, the progression from stylish to relaxed to inexplicably serious hit a chord with social media and from the moment they saw the photo’s tiered potential, they were off to the races.

The thing is, you really can’t stop ’em once they’re going and nor should you want to: this is arguably the time we get the best out of the likes of Twitter and social media at large.

Without further ado, we present to you, the best House of Gucci memes:

Controversial one from BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb here:

Well played, MyLondon.

Now we’re getting slightly more highbrow:

Come on, fella, it’s the weekend.

Better. Bit of a thinker at first, this one but still – simple but effective:

There are other people on this film, by the way, one being Salma Hayek who does her bit to elevate this corker even further:

The internet really is a wonderful place when everyone puts down their swords and uses the keyboard for its true purpose: high-quality meme-age. Thank you very much, people, you’re all soldiers in a war battle bigger than you’ll ever know.

And yes, we have every intention of adding to this list so long as people waste their time making House of Gucci memes. A vicious but oh so delicious cycle.

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