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25th Apr 2024

Andrew Tate says that having sex with women for pleasure is gay

Joseph Loftus

Fact checkers disagree.

Andrew Tate is back again with his latest tongue-in-cheek ridiculous remark, this time about having sex.

Taking to X recently, Tate said that having sex with women for pleasure is gay, in a move that will likely come as a surprise to the 80% of people globally who identify as heterosexual.

More specifically, Tate tweeted: “Sex is for making children. Any man who has sex with women because it “feels good” is gay.

“Oh my pee pee feels good this is great!

“In fact if you are 40 with less than 5 children you’re probably gay.

“All that feel-good pee pee sex and hardly any genetic legacy?”

Hilariously, the tweet was fact-checked by X who claimed their “readers added context they thought people people want to know”.

This context was that “having sex with women is straight”.

Now while Tate quite literally said that having sex with women for pleasure is, in his words ‘gay’, it seems somewhat obvious that the post wasn’t meant literally.

In fact, the top reply to the tweet reads: “The fact some people take posts like this dead ass seriously and clutch pearls over them for days on end is precisely why they’re amusing.”

To that, Tate replied with a laughing emoji.

Another person wrote: “So I should only have sex five times in my entire life?”

A number of other people called Tate out, with one writing: “Just delete your account bro.”

While another argued: “You’re close to 40. How many kids you got?”

Just last month, Tate was in the news again, this time when he was detained with his brother after arrest warrants were issued by the UK.

The arrest warrants relate to allegations, including sexual aggression, from 2012 to 2015, his team said.

In a statement, the Tate brothers said they “categorically reject all charges”, the Sky News reports.

Their representatives labelled the warrants as a “bewildering revival of decade-old accusations” which has left the Tate brothers “dismayed and deeply troubled.”

A statement said: “They categorically reject all charges and express profound disappointment that such serious allegations are being resurrected without substantial new evidence.”

It added that the brothers are “fully committed to challenging these accusations with unwavering determination and resolve”.

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