Cinema worker reveals what staff can actually see you doing during films 7 months ago

Cinema worker reveals what staff can actually see you doing during films

Before 'Netflix and chill' there was 'Saturday night at the movies'

Ever taken your new squeeze to see a film at the pictures knowing full well you have next to no intention of actually watching what is on the screen? Course you have, you naughty minxes.


Well, for those of you who got a bit too cosy at the cinema and flagrantly disregarded armrest etiquette, turns out the staff at the screening may have very well seen the whole thing.

Cinema worker and TikTok user, @.no1headache posted the following video to her account, revealing that while everyone is getting a bit frisky in the theatre, the staff can see pretty much everything going on in the screening. It's really not at all that surprising, to be honest - what with security and piracy procedures.

@.no1headachewe see everything! ##foryoupage♬ Originalton - Mia

The employee, whose hat tells us that she works at a branch of Vue cinemas, captioned the video "when people come to the cinema with their sneaky link to do the nasty", before switching the camera to show a screen full of CCTV footage covering pretty much the entire room.

The 'Netlfix and chill' generation might not realise but back in the day, this was once thought to be a prime opportunity to flirt with the person you liked in a semi-private, low-lit space where hopefully friends wouldn't take the piss and there was no risk of your parents appearing to embarrass you.

So next time you're cosying up with someone at the cinema, take a moment to think about just who might be watching.


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