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16th Oct 2021

The Batman trailer has just dropped and it looks absolutely unreal

Kieran Galpin

The Bat is back!

The trailer for Director Matt Reeves’ hotly anticipated The Batman dropped earlier today at the DC Fandome event – and our first extended look at Robert Pattison’s tenure as the Dark Knight paints a bright future for the usually-gloomy Batman.

The Batman is set to include everyone’s favourite elements of DC’s iconic detective – like the deep, anger-fuelled voice and plenty of insane fight scenes – but it’s also looking at the Bat from a relatively untouched perspective on the big screen.

When Ben Affleck stepped away from the franchise in January 2017 as both director and star of a new solo Batman flick, Reeves quickly took his place. In The Batman, audiences will meet a young Bruce Wayne who’s only two years into his crime-fighting gig when he comes across the villain known as The Riddler.

A lot of people questioned the choice of Robert Pattison for Batman when the news first broke but issues were quickly forgotten once initial footage was released. The first teaser trailer – which was unveiled last year – seems to show a grittier, grungier take on Bruce Wayne’s tortured alter-ego.

But Pattison isn’t the only actor to get excited about in The Batman.

The Riddler has not made a big-screen appearance since 1995’s Batman Forever (that’s right, the one where the superhero suit had nipples and everyone lost it) and the villain was played by comedian Jim Carrey. Here, it’s Okja star Paul Dano who will be picking up the Riddler’s signature cane and asking the questions.

Alongside Pattison and Dano is Zoe Kravitz who will portray Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. Numerous actresses have called themselves Catwoman of the years, including Anne Hathaway and the iconic Michelle Pfeiffer. Halle Berry was also Catwoman – but it’s an experience both the star and audiences would probably like to forget.

The steady drip-drip-drip of Batman content has fans hungry for more, with the most recent tidbit being the reveal of Robert Pattison’s ‘I’m Batman’ voice. In a six-second video released to the movie’s official Twitter page, Pattison can be heard saying: “It’s not just a signal, it’s a warning”, as the imposing bat-signal glows red in the background.

Basically, fans lost it.

“Villains in Gotham be like,” tweeted one person alongside a meme that reads ‘Crying but also turned on’.

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