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15th Oct 2021

Fans are in love with Robert Pattinson’s ‘perfect’ Batman voice in new teaser

Danny Jones

People love Robert Pattinson's Batman voice

Another teaser dropped today and just a couple of seconds of audio made people lose their minds

It’s the DC Fandome event tomorrow (October 15) and people are already getting excited ahead of the stuff they might get to see from 6pm BST. Perhaps the most anticipated of all is another look at Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie, The Batman.

While we’ve already seen a first look and slightly extended trailer, it feels like this movie has been in development for an age (like Bond, it kind of has, thanks to Covid and whatnot) and so fans are dying for even the slightest glance at something new ahead of the movie’s release on March 4 2022.

While they are expecting to see a new trailer this weekend, we were already fortunate enough to get another sneak peek in the form of an audio clip. It’s only six-seconds long but we – along with the rest of the internet – have lost our damn minds.

Ok, first off – how good does that voice sound? Secondly, just how pumped are you for this film now? We’ll answer for you: absolutely mint and can it be out now, please?

Of course, we aren’t the only ones that were sent into a bat-frenzy by the clip, with people all over social media completely losing their minds over Robert Pattinson‘s Batman voice. While many were simply relieved (Batfleck’s voice modulator didn’t do it for everyone), other’s called it “chilling” and many even went so far as to label it “perfect”.

One person tweeted: “ALREADY THE BEST BATMAN VOICE FROM THE SOON TO BE THE BEST BATMAN”; another simply said: “HOLY F*CK IS THAT ROB’S BATMAN VOICE??”. Yes sir, yes it is – now can everyone stop shouting.

Meanwhile, this one summed up the general theme in the majority of posts:

This one was as close to an accurate depiction of how we reacted – well played, friend.

And we think this lady might need a minute alone (us too)…

We knew this thing was going to be dark – Christopher Nolan’s trilogy kind of made what everyone now wants and expects – and both Pattinson and Reeves have already promised us a ‘rage-filled’ take on the character. However by the literal sounds of it, it seems like we’re going to get a really deep character performance by R-Patz.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for everything else from tomorrow’s DC Fandome event.

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