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28th Jan 2024

Royal butler Paul Burrell claims his house is haunted by Princess Diana

Joseph Loftus

She said two distinct words

Royal butler, Paul Burrell, has rather surprisingly claimed that his home in Chester is haunted by the late Princess Diana.

The butler, turned reality star, is starring in a new TV show called Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted.

Burrell and his partner believe that the late Princess Diana haunts the property after they began to notice ghostly figures.

Paul, who was part of the Royal household, made calls to paranormal experts after discovering ghostly shadows on a regular occurrence.

In the episode, ghost hunters used a special device and they claim to have heard the ghost of Diana saying “sorry” and “France”.

Paul explained: “I don’t understand why it would say ‘France’ other than the fact that the Princess died in France and the fact I went to France to bring her home.”

He continued: “I had been introduced to this world before by the Princess. She was heavily involved in spirituality. Mediums, psychics, astrologers… and I witnessed it from the edges. I watched her and she would giggle afterwards and say ‘You don’t believe, do you?’ and I would say well I’m not sure.

 “When you have loved someone in life – and I did love her – and they pass very quickly, a little piece of them remains behind and you carry them with you for the rest of your days. If my Princess wanted to tell me something, I think she would come to me.”

Princess Diana is not the only member of the Royal Family to allegedly believe in the paranormal as Paul then explained: “And Diana wasn’t the only senior royal to believe in spirits and ghosts Our dear late queen always said that there were ghosts and she said ‘I never go to Allt-na-giubhsaich’ – Glassalt, the cottage on the lake in Balmoral – ‘without the corgis because the corgis sense it before I do.”

He added: “Their hackles go up and they start to growl so I never go without them and I never stay the night there’. Queen Victoria would stay the night there with John Brown.

“At the time I thought to myself, my goodness Queen Elizabeth II believes in ghosts and she is a very intelligent woman so there must be something there. But I never saw one myself. I never saw one at Kensington Palace, never saw anybody coming down the staircase with their head under their arm. I wasn’t tuned in.”