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21st Aug 2020

Jeff from Peep Show – aka Neil Fitzmaurice – on why Mark Corrigan is the just worst

Wil Jones

Jeff is just saying what everyone else is thinking about Mark

Jeff from Peep Show is one of the great sitcom villains – or is he? What if he is just a normal bloke, and Mark Corrigan is actually the psychopath.

Neil Fitzmaurice  – aka the actor that plays Jeff – is currently starring in the BBC Two comedy Semi-Detached, so we got to (virtually) sit down with him and discuss the creation of the character – from how Neil was originally brought in to read for Super Hans (that would have been a very different show), to why he always tried to play Jeff as a real person and not a cartoon villain.

 Semi-Detached is on 10pm on Thursdays, BBC Two and on iPlayer.