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18th Apr 2024

Celebrity version of The Traitors to launch next year on BBC

Charlie Herbert

Celebrity version of The Traitors to launch next year on BBC

Some famous faces could be sat around the round table

A celebrity version of The Traitors is set to air on the BBC next year, according to reports.

Earlier this year, it was the show that everyone was talking about, and season two of The Traitors may very well have already given us the television moment of the year.

The aim of the game is for Faithfuls to root out a handful of Traitors in the game, all whilst the entire group competes in challenges to add money to a prize pot.

If at the end of the game any Traitors are left, they steal all the money. If not, then the Faithfuls share it amongst themselves.

Here in the UK, there have been two series, both involving contestants picked from the general public.

But it sounds like we could be seeing some famous faces sat around the iconic roundtable.

Deadline reports that the BBC is close to an agreement with Studio Lambert, which makes the UK and US versions of the show, over a British celebrity edition.

The outlet says that the aim is for the celebrity series to be filmed next year before airing later in 2025, after the third series of the normal Traitors series has been broadcast.

Rumours of a UK celebrity series have been swirling since earlier this year, with fans speculating if Friends star Courtney Cox could be set to take part.

Unlike the UK version, the US Traitors features a mix of ‘civilian’ contestants and reality TV stars, and the most recent series from across the pond saw the likes of Ekin-Su and John Bercow take part.

The Traitors was originally created by Dutch production company IDTV, but has gone on to become a global phenomenon, with dozens of countries launching their own versions.

Series three of British version is due to start filming soon, with almost 300,000 people having applied to feature on the show.

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