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02nd May 2024

Kaleb Cooper says working with Jeremy Clarkson has made him lose his hair

Ryan Price

Everyone’s favourite farmer sat down with JOE ahead of the release of the third season of Clarkson’s Farm.

Jeremy Clarkson and his trusty agricultural sidekick Kaleb Cooper are back to work and you can follow along and watch the ups and downs that come with running the most chaotic farm in the country as the first four episodes of season three soon available to stream on Prime Video.

The trailer for the new season dropped a couple of weeks ago, and the big takeaway from it was that things haven’t gotten any easier for Jeremy and the rest of the Diddly Squat team.

A clip from the trailer showed Jeremy’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan in tears, and another shot showed Kaleb meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Downing Street to discuss the state of farming in the UK.

In case you don’t remember, season two ended with the announcement of a new addition to the family. Pepper, the cow who could not fall pregnant, was adopted by Clarkson in a last-minute attempt to avoid sending her to the slaughterhouse.

So, with new pet Pepper in tow, the gang will be on the lookout for new ways of boosting the farm’s income in season three.

JOE’s Ross McCarney sat down with the unsung hero of Diddly Squat, Kaleb Cooper, to find out what’s been going on since viewers were last permitted on the grounds of the farm, and what working with Jeremy Clarkson every day is really like.

When asked what the most frustrating thing about being a farmer nowadays is, Cooper said: “Working with Jeremy. My frustration is just working with Jeremy. It’s hard work.

“You’d wanna see my hairline. It’s getting worse. There’s a reason I’ve got my hairstyle pushed forward today. He’s single-handedly making me go bald.”

Cooper followed up with a slightly more sincere answer, and credited the weather as being the most disruptive and frustrating element of being a farmer.

“The weather is obviously a big part and who can predict what the weather is going to do? Let’s face it nobody can.

“Therefore, when we go out there and drill all of these fields of wheat and barley and stuff like that and all of a sudden it rains so much that they get drowned and all die, who’s going to swallow all of that cost up? It’s the farmer has to.

“Nobody else is going to go out there and bail the farmer out. The farmer has to go out there and swallow the costs.”

Fans of the show will be happy to hear that Kaleb receives some brilliant news this season, and with it comes a new challenge that will test who is the better farmer – Jeremy or Kaleb.

That should make for some interesting viewing.

Part one of season three is available to stream this weekend on Prime Video and will contain the first four episodes. Part two arrives on May 10th, containing the remaining four episodes.

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