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17th Apr 2024

Joe Swanson voice actor refuses to apologise for the humour in Family Guy

Charlie Herbert

joe swanson voice actor patrick warburton

‘I apologise no more!’

The actor who voices Joe Swanson in Family Guy has said he not apologising for the humour and jokes in the show.

Over 22 seasons and 418 episodes, there have been countless cutaways, barely-repeatable jokesendless controversies and a number of hit adult cartoons that Family Guy managed to pave the way for.

The show, created by Seth MacFarlane, has become one of the biggest TV series of all time, and he doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop making episodes any time soon.

This means we can expect to hear plenty more from Patrick Warburton, who voices one of the show’s most popular characters, paraplegic police officer Joe Swanson.

And after years of voicing the character, Warburton says he has had enough of apologising to people for the show’s often-controversial jokes.

Speaking to Fox News, he said: “I used to apologise for being on Family Guy, and I apologise no more because this world is a horrible native satire.

“Everybody takes themselves too seriously, and I think in many ways have become an overwhelming mess.

“But we need humor in our lives, and we need love and humor, acceptance. It’s all rather simple.”

If you needed any reminding about how divisive Family Guy can be, Warburton’s own mum isn’t even a fan of the show, despite her son’s starring role.

Back in 2011, Barbara Warburton said that the cartoon is an example of shows “leading toward the destruction of morality – nothing seems sacred any more.”

The Daily Mail reports that the Parents Television Council member has also encouraged her son to leave the show in the past.

She said: “I have always adored people in this industry who turn down roles because of their convictions, but Patrick isn’t one of those people.”

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