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18th Apr 2024

Clarkson’s Farm season three trailer has dropped

Ryan Price

Jeremy Clarkson provides update on when season three of Clarkson's farm will arrive

Jeremy and Kaleb are back to work.

The trailer for season three of the much-loved series Clarkson’s Farm has just been released, and it looks like more chaos and drama is in store for the Diddly Squat team.

Season two ended with the announcement of a new addition to the family. Pepper, the cow who could not fall pregnant, was adopted by Clarkson in a last-minute attempt to avoid sending her to the slaughterhouse.

So, with new pet Pepper in tow, season three will hit our screens via Prime Video in early May, with the gang looking to discover new ways of boosting the farm’s income.

Rising inflation and the unfortunate end to Jeremy’s dream of running a restaurant on his land force the Diddly Squat team to brainstorm other avenues of making money.

Nothing is off the table, as raising goats, pigs and deer all get a mention. Even nettles get thrown in the mix as a potential cash crop. Considering Clarkson has time and time again found a way through obstacles in previous seasons, we can all go into season three feeling confident that the farm will flourish, and undoubtedly some hilarious and wacky situations will arise along the way.

The 64-year-old’s battle with the local council continues, as the pushback on his restaurant not only threatens his income, but his ego too.

All fans of the show will be happy to hear that Kaleb receives some brilliant news this season, and with it comes a new challenge that will test who is the better farmer – Jeremy or Kaleb.

Clarkson has been involved in a long-running clash with the local council over the development of his farm (SWNS)

A new venture brings Jeremy’s girlfriend Lisa to tears, and a clip from the trailer shows the former Top Gear host consoling his partner and assuring her that everything is going to be ok.

One of the final clips from the trailer shows Kaleb meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Downing Street to discuss the state of farming in the UK.

Trials and tribulations are never far away from Clarkson’s Farm, but they always bring about the heartfelt and emotional moments that make the show such a resounding success.

Part one of season three drops on May 3rd on Prime Video and will contain the first four episodes. Part two arrives on May 10th, containing the remaining four episodes.

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