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17th Mar 2023

People with absolutely no cooking skills wanted for new ITV show

Tom Todhunter

Takeaway addicts are the ideal candidates for ITV’s new show

ITV have put out a casting call for people with absolutely no cooking skills to take part in a new show.

The show, which is aptly named ‘Bad Chefs’, plans to pit clueless cooks against one another in an attempt to win cash prizes, because apparently that’s what entertainment has been reduced to in 2023.

The producers of the show describe their ideal candidates as “young and vibrant, based in the UK, with zero cooking ability,” so if you don’t know your pasta from your paella, this could be right up your alley.

The broadcaster hopes to find the worst of the worst cooks in the UK and help them learn to be less reliant on takeaways, ready meals and the rest.

The full casting call reads: “Welcome to Bad Chefs! Where takeaway addicts and the culinarily challenged will finally learn to cook, and compete for the chance to win a large cash prize!”

“Do you only eat meals which are delivered? Could you burn water? Do you consider toast to be a fine example of home cooking? Then you could be what we are looking for!”

“If you are young and vibrant, based in the UK, and have zero cooking ability whatsoever, then we want to hear from you!”

So if you can’t cook, won’t cook, or simply want to pretend you can’t in order to get five minutes of fame, get your application for ‘Bad Chefs’ in now.

Honestly, I was going to apply, but at University I used to make a mean Super Noodle sandwich, so it’s fair to say someone with my culinary prowess would not be welcome. And when I say ‘at university’ and ‘used to’, I actually mean ‘at home’ and ‘just last week’. Also, I’m not young. Or vibrant. Or even remotely interested. Anyway…