Model Lottie Moss sobs after 'evil friend' leaks OnlyFans photos and phone number 5 months ago

Model Lottie Moss sobs after 'evil friend' leaks OnlyFans photos and phone number

Lottie Moss detailed the sinister plot in a tearful Instagram video

Lottie Moss has told how her phone number was leaked online by "an evil human being" who has been telling people to share her X-rated OnlyFans snaps.


Moss, who is the half-sister of fashion icon Kate, detailed the sinister plot involving a former friend in a tearful video she uploaded to Instagram.

The 23-year-old, who is said to earn £70,00 a month on the subscription platform, told her followers that a concerned fan had made her aware of the situation in a direct message.

The message read: "He's telling the boys in the group chat to sub to your OnlyFans and leak the pictures to your mother's Instagram."


Moss said she had been receiving phone calls from strangers after her number was shared without her permission.

Subscribers to Moss's OnlyFans account pay £14/$20 a month and up to £1,000 for a nude video. Fans can also pay her an additional £50/£70 to send her direct messages on the app.


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Moss began posting pictures on OnlyFans last year after uploading naked pictures to a similar website named Dream, The Sun reported.

She told the paper: "Kind of the reason why I’m not doing the modelling stuff is because I’m doing more nude stuff. I really enjoy it."


Moss added that the modelling industry does not look kindly on OnlyFans.

"Everyone kind of says, 'Celebrate your body, do what you want with your body, whatever you wanna do with your life, you do it,' but as soon as it’s OnlyFans and stuff like that, the industry is a bit iffy about it."

MailOnline reported in February 2021 that Moss had also been uploading pictures to a website called, Glow.

Speaking to Jamie Laing's podcast, Private Parts last year, Moss insisted her racier content on OnlyFans, was "not hurting anyone".

"You can make upwards of like $100,000 a month if you're doing it regularly and have followers. I'm just taking fun pictures you'd send to your boyfriend, it's fine, it's harmless, it's not hurting anyone. It's so good," she said.