Jason Derulo filmed in brawl with two men after one called him Usher 5 months ago

Jason Derulo filmed in brawl with two men after one called him Usher

The men were said to have been left bloodied after the incident

Jason Derulo was led away by police in Las Vegas after being involved in a fight said to have started after the singer was mistaken for fellow R&B artist, Usher.


A passerby filmed the 'Talk Dirty' singer travelling down an elevator inside the ARIA hotel lobby during the early hours of Tuesday morning and everything seemed fine.

According to TMZ, two men then yelled out to Derulo, mistaking him for Usher.

The news outlet said one of the men shouted: "Hey, Usher! F**k you, b***h!"


It is not clear whether the man knew who Derulo was and was taunting him, or if he legitimately thought the guy passing him on the elevator was the 'Confessions' singer.

Regardless, it didn't take long for the Wiggle singer to allegedly react to the heckler.


TMZ reports that Derulo punched him in the face and slapped the other man who was with him.

Video shows the men wrestling on the ground as security try and separate them.

TMZ said the men did not appear to need hospital treatment but were bleeding.

The men are said to have declined to press charges against Derulo, but they have 12 months to bring a lawsuit against him.


Derulo was allegedly led away in handcuffs and received a trespassing notice from ARIA.

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