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12th Nov 2022

Megan Fox poses topless as she slams claims she ‘didn’t shave’ bikini line

Steve Hopkins

‘I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me’

Megan Fox has brutally mocked a social media troll who said she hadn’t shaved her bikini line in a series of snaps she shared on social media of her and Machine Gun Kelly dressed up as elves.

The Transformers actress  posted a carousel of behind-the-scenes images on Instagram on Friday from her recent Halloween shoot with fiancé, Colson Baker. The couple were earlier accused of “glorifying a toxic relationship” by dressing up as Tommy Lee Jones and Pamela Anderson, and angered Christians with a second outfit.

In the new snaps, the 36-year-old posed topless as she showed fans how she got into character for one of her less controversial costumes for the spooky season.

The couple, who got engaged in January, transformed into “sexy elves”, posing with pointy ears and Renaissance-style clothing.

In one of the pictures, the side of one of Megan’s intricate tattoos was visible near her bikini line – and one fan mistook it for an unshaven patch.

“All that money and she can’t but a razor,” the troll wrote in the comments. “She’s now off my ‘list’.”

Fox shut the comment down real quick, replying: “Are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo?”

“Either way I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me,” she joked to the delight of her fans.

One replied: “That’s haters. they can’t find anything bad so they become creative with bulls**t.”

Another added: “As if Megan Fox would give two s**ts about being off your list. She’s a queen. Get a reality check.” While a third penned: “Oh and by the way, it’s 2022, if she wanted a hairy vag who cares!! But it’s blatantly a tattoo so jokes on you.”

Commenters also went after the person who took issue with Fox’s bikini line, writing: “Get off your high horse dude you’ll never even be close enough to see one hair on her body.”

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