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31st Oct 2022

Christians are furious with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s second Halloween outfits

Steve Hopkins

Megan and MGK sure know how to get attention

Having caused a stir with their first choice of costume for Halloween, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly‘s second pick was always going to be outrageous.

And this time the couple outraged an entire religion.

In pictures shared on Instagram, Kelly is clad in the robes of a Catholic priest while Fox is dressed in PVC, fishnets, dog collar and lead.

Alongside the Instagram image carousel, Fox captioned the post: “On Sundays we take communion.”

As a cherry on top, Fox added two emojis to the post, praying hands and a set of rosary beads.

Not surprisingly, Christians weren’t too happy about it.

“What happened to cultural appropriation? Why is it wrong to dress up as an Indian but okay to mock the Catholic faith. It’s absolutely abhorrent and offensive and I’m so sick of the double standard,” one person wrote under the post.

Another said: “Repent. Jesus Christ died for what you are doing right now. You have children. Where is the example? The respect? Christianity is not a costume. It’s not a religion. It’s a relationship with God.”

A third said: “Why is it that all you celebs mock Christianity? What’s the agenda? And why do yall hate God so much? I guess the devil is real.”

Another commented: “I’m not catholic but this is so WRONG AND SO MANY WAYS making fun of religion . Respect required respect so you guys lost mine . Respect the Bible.”

One person took particular issue with an image of Fox on her knees with her mouth open as Kelly places a wafer on her tongue: “Totally dislike these costumes and to mock communion is sad to me. I’m a fan of you both but damn this was just like a total ‘wtf’ moment for me.”

A day earlier the couple were criticised for “romanticising” a “toxic relationship” after dressing up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Jones.

In an Instagram post, the couple reenacted poses from the 90’s celebrity couple, including one where Lee had his hand at Anderson’s throat.

Anderson and Lee’s relationship was thrust back under the spotlight recently thanks to Disney+ – Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The pair were played in the series by Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

Anderson and Lee tied the knot in 1994 after being in a relationship for just four days. Things soured between the pair after an electrician stole and distributed one of their sex tapes.

In 1996, Lee was arrested following an altercation with Anderson. The Mötley Crüe musician later pleaded no contest to felony spousal battery and was sentenced to six months in prison.

The pair divorced in 1998, and as Lee reflected on his arrest in his band’s 2001 memoir, he wrote: “I couldn’t understand why Pamela had followed through with pressing charges. “She was probably scared and thought I was some crazy, violent monster; she probably thought she was doing the right thing for the kids; and she probably wanted an easy way out of a difficult situation. As much as I loved Pamela, she had a problem dealing with things.”

Anderson and Lee, who have two children together, gave their relationship another try in 2008 but called it quits in 2010.

Some fans of Fox and Kelly complimented the two on the costumes, saying they “nailed” it, but other social media users weren’t happy they chose to make light of a “toxic relationship”.

One Twitter user described the costumes as “disgusting and deranged”, while another wrote: “Why are loads of couples dressing up as them??? it was an abusive relationship.”

Other internet users have more broadly expressed their disapproval over the Pam and Tommy costume, which was also worn by Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson and a friend of her’s.

“People dressing up a Pam & Tommy is SO disrespectful to PAM & TOMMY. There’s so many videos, photos, outfits that y’all can use of Pam & Tommy individually but y’all chose them together?!?? Did y’all forgot how toxic that relationship was?!?? Stop romanticising toxic couples. Ugh,” one wrote.

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