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24th Oct 2023

Lil Wayne’s waxwork gets absolutely roasted after being unveiled

Charlie Herbert

Lil Wayne Waxwork

Lil Wayne himself has even reacted to the waxwork

Lil Wayne has become the latest celebrity to have a dubious waxwork of themselves unveiled.

Sometimes waxworks can be eerily life-like, sometimes they are just a little bit off, and on some very rare occasions they actually look a bit more lively than their human counterpart.

It’s safe to say that this figure of Lil Wayne is a somewhat unique take on the Louisiana-born rapper.

The waxwork is on display at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and has been on display at least since the summer of 2022.

But it’s recently caught the attention of many after it was widely shared on social media.

Reacting to the waxwork, one person wrote on X: “That don’t even look like him. That’s an old model of someone else. They just threw tattoos on it and a Tyler Perry wig & called it a day.”

Another said: “They did Wayne bad bruh.. this is not it. Like at all.”

“Bruh look like a New Orleans Chucky doll all inked up in that wax work,” someone else joked.

A third simply commented: “Melt that thing immediately.”

“Why does that look like if Tory Lanez did a horrible Lil Wayne costume for Halloween,” another mocked.

“Cause why they got WEEZY looking like a lollipop that’s been licked, dropped and kicked across a shag carpet!”

And the waxwork has even caught the attention of the man himself, who wrote on X: “Sorry wax museum but dat s**t ain’t me! You tried tho and I appreciate the effort.”

The rapper’s waxwork isn’t the only one to have caused a stir in recent days.

A recent sculpture of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson unveiled at the Grevin Museum in Paris prompted quite the reaction from people, who thought something was a bit off about the figure.

The Rock himself then got in touch with the museum to have them update the waxwork, with one aspect in particular needing attention.

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