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26th Apr 2024

Emma Stone says she would prefer to be called by her real name

Nina McLaughlin

“I can’t do it anymore. “

Emma Stone has said that she would prefer to be called by her real name from now on, after years of going by a different moniker.

The actress, who won her second Oscar earlier this year for her performance in Poor Things, opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about her new film The Curse with co-star Nathan Fielder.

However, during the interview, Fielder addressed something – Stone’s name.

“Before we continue, I’d like to say something. Her name’s Emily, but she goes by Emma professionally,” Fielder said. “So when there’s people that don’t know her, I end up saying Emma. But I’m going to just say Emily from here on.”

Stone was born as Emily Stone, but when she became an actress and signed up for her SAG-AFTRA membership, she had to sign up with a different name as there was already an existing member called Emily Stone. Alas, the actress has been known professionally as Emma Stone ever since.

Stone told the interviewer that they can ‘say anything’, but when asked further, she revealed that she ‘can’t do’ with being called Emma anymore.

“I freaked out a couple of years ago. For some reason, I was like, ‘I can’t do it anymore. Just call me Emily,'” the 35-year-old said, adding: “Nathan calls me Em, which is easier.”

She went on to say that if a fan were to approach her and call her Emily, she would be pleased.

“That would be so nice. I would like to be Emily,” she told the outlet.

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