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17th Oct 2023

Fans think something is missing from Dwayne Johnson’s waxwork

Charlie Herbert

Dwayne Johnson waxwork

Something’s a bit off about the Rock’s waxwork

People are really not sure about a new waxwork of Dwayne Johnson that has been unveiled.

Sometimes waxworks can be eerily life-like, sometimes they are just a little bit off, and on some very rare occasions they actually look a bit more lively than their human counterpart.

Recently, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was honoured with a waxwork of himself which was unveiled at the Grevin Museum in Paris.

The sculpture shows the wrestling legend turned Hollywood actor standing with his arms crossed and dressed in a blue collared t-shirt and navy trousers.

Have a look at it below.

It’s safe to say that people weren’t convinced by the work, which is a somewhat unique take on The Rock.

“Not one of your best guys – considering the quality of the rest of the museum, there’s something not right about the sculpt on this,” one person wrote.

And people seemed to agree that there was one thing in particular about the sculpture that caused it to miss the mark.

One person said: “He’s a bit pale this Dwayne isn’t he?”

Another commented: “That’s a white rock.”

Others agreed that the skin tone seemed to be the main issue, with someone saying: “This is whiter than me, and I’m Scottish.”

Meanwhile, another user thought the “main issue” was in the “back jaw area and the neck.”

The Musée Grévin boasts a number of waxworks of famous figures, and Johnson was selected ahead of celebs such as Tom Holland, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Elon Musk to be the museum’s next piece.

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