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28th Apr 2024

Stephen King gives the perfect two word review of Baby Reindeer

Joseph Loftus

The King of Horror has spoken.

Baby Reindeer, a new dark comedy thriller series, has recently landed on Netflix and has made a huge impact on viewers.

Written by, created by and starring Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, the show centres around Donny – an aspiring Scottish stand-up who moved to London to pursue his career dream.

Now in his late 20s and working a dead-end job in a pub though, he feels like a failure.

So, when an older female patron at his bar named Martha (Jessica Gunning) laughs at his jokes and shows an interest in him, he is at first pleased with the attention – endeavouring to get more positive reactions out of her.

It turns out, however, the seemingly friendly Martha has a history of stalking and winds up forming a dangerous obsession with Donny.

Adapted from Gadd’s hit one-man play of the same name and based on true events that happened to the writer and performer, Baby Reindeer has found a huge fanbase after hitting Netflix.

For those who have already binged the whole thing, though, a TV-shaped hole has been left in their lives.

Considering Baby Reindeer has only been around for a few weeks, it’s made a humungous impact on viewers from across the globe.

Stephen King is no exception.

The King of Horror, known for his many novels including The Shining, It, Carrie, Pet Semetary, and many, many more, took to X to leave a simple but effective review of Baby Reindeer.

With just two words, King wrote: “Holy sh*t.”

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