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15th Jul 2022

Fans lose it as Johnny Depp reunites with his iconic lawyer Camille Vasquez

Danny Jones

Johnny Depp reunited with Camille Vasquez

They might not be dating but they’re still firm friends

Fans are losing after footage on social media shows the moment Johnny Depp reunited with Camille Vasquez for the first time outside of a courtroom following his high-profile defamation victory.

The now-celebrity status lawyer was spotted attending one of Depp’s gigs in Prague on Monday, July 11 and the two were seen smiling and chatting in a group backstage.

Safe to say, Johnny Depp stans and now fans of Vasquez are lapping it up.

The 59-year-old actor is still touring with friend and fellow musician Jeff Beck, having popped up at a number of shows in the immediate aftermath of the trial – even bumping in Sam Fender for a pint in the process.

Depp has also confirmed he is writing a new album and seemingly criticises Heard in the lyrics to a number of new songs.

Cut to this week and while it may be strange for some to see his 38-year-old lawyer out of her power suits and work attire, people on social media have gotten a real kick out of seeing her enjoying herself in her civvies.

It’s clear that regardless of her friendly relationship with Depp, Vasquez has garnered more than a cult following of her own, having even been tipped for a TV career following her performance in the trial, which also saw her promoted to partner at her law firm, Brown Rudnick.

She actually represented him for a second time just earlier this month, as Depp reached a settlement with an ex-crew member who accused him of punching him in the stomach twice following an altercation.

The case was ultimately dismissed despite the plaintiff alleging physical abuse and bullying on the set of the 2018 film City of Lies.

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