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27th Oct 2021

Insulate Britain protester says ‘she’ll cry’ if anyone dies as a result of M25 action today

Danny Jones

Insulate Britain protester clashes with Richard Madeley on GMB

The Insulate Britain protester clashes with Richard Madeley over his line of questioning

An Insulate Britain protester who appeared on Good Morning Britain has admitted “I’m going to cry” if anyone is hurt or dies as a result of more demonstrations on the M25 on Wednesday, admitting that she “hates disrupting people”.

More protests are set to take place on the busiest motorway in the UK and the climate action group have even asked motorists not to drive on it so they can carry out their demonstrations.

When probed by Richard Madeley as to how she’d feel if her mother was having a stroke and ended up paralysed after being held up by the roadblocks, campaigner Tracey Mallaghan had this to say:

As you can see, though the “responsible messaging” may be to phone an ambulance in most scenarios, she quickly brushes past the point when Madelely clarifies that the individual he’s referring to could be reached by an ambulance at the time.

Mallaghan claims she feels huge anger and sadness that Insulate Britain’s protests have had to be conducted in such a way, admitting that she too would be “heartbroken” if something happened to a member of her family.

Nevertheless, she goes on to say that anyone affected would have to go home and “look at the reality: three to four years to save the future of humanity”, citing that we are facing a “95 per cent chance of living in a two-degree world” and warning, “do you know what that looks like?”

Unfortunately, as long as the climate crisis continues to roll on at the rate it is going, these kinds of demonstrations, where protesters glue themselves to roads and ask drivers to either slow down or bypass roads entirely, are going to carry on disrupting everyday life.

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