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23rd May 2019

Quentin Tarantino reacts angrily to question about women’s roles in his films

Wil Jones

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has had rave reviews at Cannes

Quentin Tarantino reportedly had “a scowl on his face”, according to the LA Times, when questioned about the treatment of women in his new film.

His new film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is set in LA in the 1960s, and partially revolves around the Charles Mason killings. Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate, the late wife of Roman Polanski, who was brutally killed by Manson’s followers.

Quentin Tarantino is no stranger to controversy in his films, but adapting such horrific real-life events has brought up renewed questions about his film.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood made it’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival this week, to rave reviews. At the film’s press conference, however, Tarantino was asked a question by a female reporter from The New York Times, about why Margot Robbie’s character was relatively little dialogue.

According to reports, Tarantino “snapped” at her, replying “I reject your hypothesis”.

Set in 1969, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is might be set around the infamous Charles Manson killings, but is not a true story – instead, it weaves fictional characters around real-life figures.

Leonardo DiCaprio stars as TV star Rick Dalton, whose stardom is starting to crumble. Along with his stunt double (played by Brad Pitt),  Dalton is dragged into Manson’s dark world.

This being a Quentin Tarantino film though, it also features a big ensemble cast and multiple storylines that weave in and out of each other.

Backing up Pitt, DiCaprio, and Robbie, are Al Pacino, Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning and Timothy Oliphant.

Other real-life figures set to appear include Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen.

The trailer for the film also dropped this week, and includes DiCaprio with a massive flamethrower.