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04th Apr 2022

Author of ‘How To Murder Your Husband’ essay on trial accused of murdering her husband

Kieran Galpin

Nancy Crampton-Brophy also bookmarked a post called ’10 Ways to Cover Up a Murder’

The author of an essay offering instructions on how to kill your spouse is now standing trial, accused of killing her husband.

While proceedings were initially delayed due to the covid pandemic, Nancy Crampton-Brophy was on Mondy due to stand trial for the murder of her husband, Daniel Brophy.

Daniel, a chef by trade, was found dead at the Oregon Culinary Institute in June 2018, having suffered a gunshot wound to his back and another to his chest.

Nancy, 71, was arrested in September 2018, at which point her troubling essay entitled “How To Murder Your Husband” was unearthed.

Unsealed court documents also show that Nancy bookmarked a post called “10 Ways to Cover Up a Murder” in an iTunes account she shared with her 63-year-old husband.

“As a romantic suspense writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about murder and, consequently, about police procedure,” she wrote.

“After all, if the murder is supposed to set me free, I certainly don’t want to spend any time in jail. And let me say clearly for the record, I don’t like jumpsuits and orange isn’t my colour.”


The essay also notes “financial” as a motive for murder, which prosecutors allege was Nancy’s plan, wanting to claim on her husband’s $1.5m life insurance policy.

“Divorce is expensive, and do you really want to split your possessions?” Nancy wrote. “Or if you married for money, aren’t you entitled to all of it?”

She added: “The drawback is the police aren’t stupid. They are looking at you first. So you have to be organised, ruthless and very clever. Husbands have disappeared from cruise ships before. Why not yours?”

Multnomah County Sheriff

Despite stating that those murdering spouses needed to be “organised, ruthless and very clear”, Nancy was caught on CCTV driving in two directions when she claimed to be at home.

“Although that first shot likely paralysed Dan Brophy and rendered him immobile, lying on his back, Nancy Brophy then walked over to the helpless victim and shot him again at close range, also piercing the heart and ensuring that Daniel Brophy would die,” prosecutors wrote in a 2020 court filing.

The trial could last seven weeks, according to Oregon Live.

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