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02nd Dec 2023

11-year-old girl dead ‘after forming suicide pact with her brother’

Callum Boyle

11-year-old girl


The mother of an 11-year-old girl believes she formed a suicide pact with her brother, who killed the youngster before shooting himself dead.

Lilea ‘Lilly’ Stolworthy, 11, was shot outside her home in Medical Lake, Washington, on Sunday.

Her brother Jordan Brownlow, 31, is suspected of killing her before turning the gun on himself. 

Both had allegedly attempted multiple suicide attempts in recent years leading to their mother Darel Stolworthy fearing that the siblings agreed to die together after Brownlow sent a final text to the family group chat reading: “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

Investigators are yet to comment on the theory.

The brother and sister were two of 12 shared by Darel and her husband, four of whom are adopted including Lilly.

Shortly before Thanksgiving Lilly had ran away from home and according to local outlet The Spokesman Review, her family had gave some of her possessions to her 31-year-old brother to store away.

Lilly then returned home wanted the items back, and went with Brownlow to his car to fetch them. 

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office then say that they saw her being approached by her brother before witnesses heard gunshots, followed by a Ford Mustang fleeing the scene. 

Brownlow was then found 20 minutes later in his car with a pistol in his hand and spent several days on life support before he died.

Despite rushing Lilly to hospital, she was unable to recover from her injuries and her mother believes that her battles with mental health may have been what led to the tragic incident.

A vigil was held for Lilly on Thursday where Stolworthy addressed the crowd, thanking them for showing support for her family and said the attendance showed the impact her daughter had at such a young age. 

“As I look out around to all these faces that were a part of Lilly’s life, it brings me joy,” she said.

“Get help if you need it,” Stolworthy told the crowd. “She would want you to be happy and healthy. Use her as an example to get help if you need it. Be kind to one another.”

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