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07th Sep 2022

Mila Kunis keeps getting offensive Family Guy line shouted at her from passers-by

Stephen Porzio

Poor Meg.

Family Guy has been running for 20 seasons and one of its most iconic recurring gags is its catchphrase of “Shut up Meg”.

It is heard on the show when characters, mainly Meg’s Dad Peter Griffin, hears Meg say something he doesn’t like, or just when Meg tries to say something in general.

In fact, fans of the show love the gag so much that some have started shouting it at Mila Kunis, the actress who voices Meg, in real life.

Kunis spoke about this in an interview on The Graham Norton Show which is often reshared amongst Family Guy fans and has recently resurfaced again online.

While discussing how she was born in Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian, Norton tells the actress:

“I’m being slightly distracted because while you’re talking – and this must happen all the time – but I’m just hearing Meg from Family Guy. Does that happen a lot?”

In response, Kunis replies: “Poor Meg. The one thing that I get the most of is ‘Shut up Meg’ on the street.

“All the time. I will walk down the street and they’ll be like: ‘Hahaha shut up Meg’ and I’m like ‘okay’.”

Poor Meg, indeed.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Kunis – who is also well-known for her role as Jackie Burkhart in That ’70s Show – will reprise the character in the upcoming Netflix spin-off That ’90s Show.

You can watch the clip of Kunis on The Graham Norton Show below.

Clip via The Graham Norton Show

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