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17th Feb 2022

Family Guy fans are convinced show predicted ‘Putin’s Ukraine strategy’ amid rising Russia tensions

Charlie Herbert

What is it with American cartoons and predicting the future?

A Family Guy scene from more than 10 years ago has gone viral after it was suggested that the show had predicted Vladimir Putin’s strategy in the Ukraine crisis.

Tens of thousands of Russian troops are currently gathered on the Ukrainian border, with the west accusing Putin of failing to de-escalate tensions with Ukraine.

The posturing and brinkmanship of Putin seems to be perfectly summed up in a 2009 clip from Family Guy.

The clip is from the season eight episode “Spies Reminiscent of Us” and shows the Russian leader getting out a series of weapons, which he then uses for much more harmless tasks, much to everyone’s relief.

He turns a baton into a coat hanger, then he gets out a crossbow which he uses to fire an arrow into the wall to hang his tie from, before finally brandishing a machine gun that turns out to be a cigarette lighter.

The clip was shared on Twitter, with the caption “Putin’s Ukraine Strategy” and has since gone viral.

Earlier this week, Putin claimed that Russia had started to withdraw some of its troops from the Ukrainian border.

However the general perception in the west is that this is not the case, with Boris Johnson saying that the latest intelligence on the situation is “not encouraging.”

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