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06th Apr 2020

French person tries English food for the first time


Marmite on crumpets, anyone?

British food doesn’t have the greatest reputation on the global culinary stage. Despite the fact that a number of British chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal are now household names in many countries, the idea that British food is boiled, flavourless pulp still persists.

French food, on the other hand, enjoys a reputation as being flavourful, rich and decadent. So what is it like for a French person in the United Kingdom tasting quintessentially British food for the first time?

We tasked Aurore with trying very British foods like crumpets, Marmite, beans on toast and that one nobody seems to know how to pronounce, Worcestershire sauce. How do they stack up against a croissant and a coffee?