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22nd Apr 2024

UK tourists face £1,000 fines over new beach rules in Benidorm

Ryan Price

This will affect a lot of British holidaymakers this summer.

Visitors to the holiday hotspot Benidorm are being warned about a new rule that applies to the beaches along it’s stunning coastline.

The new order bans anyone from stepping foot on the beach between the hours of midnight and 7am, including for swimming in the sea or sleeping on the sand.

Anyone caught breaking this rule could face a fine of up to £1,020.

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According to Murcia Today, the rule has been brought in to “ensure the safety of residents and visitors.”

There’s also a very practical reason for the plan, as it’ll allow beach cleaning to be carried out when things are quiet.

It’s not the only new rule that will change things in the popular Alicante resort.

There’s also a blanket ban on barbecues and fires, as well as sitting or sunbathing on the first six metres of sand nearest the water. 

Another safety-geared rule states that anyone caught swimming while the red flag is flying could be fined up to £860. 

Clear signs have been installed all along the area’s beaches, so tourists will be given plenty of notice to comply.

Considering Benidorm is known for it’s appeal to budget-wary travellers, holidaymakers will want to avoid any unnecessary fines that could make there getaway a far more costly one than it need be.

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Other activities that could cost you a few bob are playing ball games outside of designated areas which could result in a £100 fine, and reserving a place with a parasol which sill set you back £130.

Stripping off on a non-nudist beach can land you a fine of £560, and drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes on the beach are also banned, with fines of about £650 and £1700 respectively.

Urinating in the sea will land you a fine of £130 while using shampoo and soap in beach showers could see you charged £560.

So, if you want to keep your cash for a cold bottle of San Miguel on your balcony or a new pair of swimming trunks in one of the strip’s many gift shops, take note of the above.

The changes come after a year after a lively debate known as the ‘Benidorm umbrella wars’ erupted in the city.

Footage shared to social media showed tourists sprinting for sunbeds at the crack of dawn in the hopes of reserving a spot to frolic in the sun for the entire day.

Locals complained at the time that a lot of people were laying claim to a bed and then disappearing for the entire day.

It seems as though the Andalusian government is now cracking down on all elements of beachside competition and tomfoolery ahead of a busy summer period that will see thousands of Brits descend on the iconic location.

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