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20th Sep 2023

Tech expert explains everything you can do with iPhone 15’s USB-C port

Charlie Herbert

Tech expert reveals everything you can do with the iPhone 15 USB-C port

The new USB-C port has opened up a world of possibilities

A tech whizz has revealed all the things you can do with the iPhone 15’s USB-C port and charger.

It was the headline change for the latest iPhone when it was revealed last week – that Apple would be falling in line with the rest of the tech world by installing a USB-C port on the iPhone 15.

They didn’t have a huge amount of choice really, due to a new EU law which will come into force next year, which requires all portable devices to be compatible with a universal charger.

The law was introduced with the aim of saving consumers money and cutting waste.

Now that Apple has introduced the USB-C port and charger to their phones, a tech expert has explained the different things it can be used for.

Marques Brownlee, a YouTuber who has garnered 17.6 million subscribers on the platform with his videos about all things tech, revealed that the new port has opened up several potential new uses for iPhone 15 owners.

Marques Brownlee explained the different things that you can use the iPhone 15’s new charging port for (YouTube/Marques Brownlee)

In a video on his channel, he explained: “Now, with USB-C on these phones, we already learned that you can just plug in a cable to charge an accessory, right?

“So, it’s no reverse wireless charging, but you can at least plug in a USB-C cable straight to AirPods or an Apple Watch MagSafe charger, whatever, and it will charge from your phone’s battery. So, that’s already pretty interesting.”

Along with being able to charge accessories, it turns out the iPhone 15 can also be used to charge other phones, but Brownlee said there are some “rules and behaviours” that people should learn.

Firstly, he explained that if you plug an older Lightning iPhone into a USB-C iPhone, the USB-C iPhone will “always give battery” to the Lightning iPhone “no matter what.”

He then discovered that it you connect two USB-C iPhones with the charger, they work out which phone has the lower battery, and that one will start charging.

It’s not just limited to Apple devices either, with Brownlee establishing that “if you plug into your friend’s Android phone who has more battery than you, and that phone has USB PD (power delivery), it will actually act like a battery bank.”

He added that this becomes “pretty inconsistent” if the Android phone “doesn’t have the USB PD.”

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