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18th Apr 2017

You can probably guess how people responded to Gary Lineker’s tweet about Atletico Madrid’s away goal

Yeah, you could've guessed


Leicester fans knew that their team had a tough task ahead of them if they were to make it to the Champions League semi-finals.

A goal down on aggregate after the first leg against Atletico Madrid in the Vincente Calderon, it was imperative that Leicester kept Diego Simeone’s team from scoring an away goal.

Sadly though, despite looking more of a threat going forward in the game’s opening minutes, Craig Shakespeare’s side conceded the first goal of the night as Saul Ñiguez headed home after 26 minutes.

Gary Lineker echoed the thoughts of many of his fellow Leicester supporters with the tweet he sent in response to the goal.

Now, at this point, those of you that know anything about Gary Linker’s time on Twitter will probably know exactly what happened next. If you don’t , allow us to give you a brief explanation…

Lineker admitted that he defecated in his shorts while playing for England in the 1990 World Cup. The incident has become such a running joke on the internet that whenever Lineker sends a Tweet, he gets an endless slew of unimaginative responses saying ‘shat on (insert topic of original tweet here)’.

If we’re being honest, we were beginning to think this particular trend was starting to die out, but the mention of the word ‘shit’ in Lineker’s tweet was enough to prompt plenty of likeminded responses.

You get the idea…

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