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15th Mar 2017

WATCH: Paul Merson pulls another Paul Merson with Leicester prediction

He's like the reverse Midas - everything he touches turns to sh*t


God bless Paul Merson.

He’s like the reverse Midas when it comes to football punditry, in that every prediction he touches seems to turn to shit. In fact, such is his impressive s/hit rate when it comes to punter tips that you start to wonder whether he is just doing it on purpose.

Leicester City came back from a 2-1 first leg deficit against Sevilla in the Champions League to heroically manage a 3-2 win on aggregate with a brace without reply at the King Power stadium on Tuesday night. So you just know Merson predicted the opposite.

Claiming that Leicester would lose to the Spanish side over two legs was by no means a ridiculous suggestion, but it’s the way that dear old Merse did it – with his utter dismissal – He tipping Sevilla to be the dark horses of the whole competition. When allied to his past form, it just adds to his misstep mystique.

Here he is, having yet another Merson moment…

“I think Seville are dark horses. I really do. [You don’t fancy Leicester then?] Oh not in the slightest. Not even in the slightest. If I was them I’d start concentrating on the Premier League. I’d be majorly shocked if they went through over two legs against Seville. I mean majorly shocked.”