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01st Mar 2017

Watch Novak Djokovic momentarily being really, really bad at tennis

Oh dear


Novak Djokovic has proven on ample occasions over the last few years that he’s quite good at playing tennis.

Despite this, since losing his number one ranking at the back end of last year to some Scottish bloke, some have started to question if the Serb will ever return to his all-conquering best.

With many of his fans trying to fathom out whether the last few months represent a temporary dip in form or a more permanent decline, Djokovic is currently over in Mexico, contesting the Abierto Mexicano tournament in Acapulco.

While he won his first round match with Martin Klizan, some observers have pointed to footage of a spectacularly badly executed attempt at a smash from Djokovic as evidence that he’s actually a bit shit still.

30-0 up and serving for the first set, Djokovic’s serve forces Klizan to stretch for a return. His backhand is lofted high over the net, landing deep inside Djokovic’s side of the court. He shapes up for the smash, only to make a complete mess of it – thundering it into the service box on his own side of the net.

The reaction of the crowd says it all.

Perhaps the floodlights were in his eyes? Regardless of whether that was or wasn’t the case, it wasn’t enough to stop someone taking the time out to make this…

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