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12th Apr 2017

This camera angle shows just how wrong the referee got Atletico Madrid’s penalty decision



Having been on the back foot for most of the opening 25 minutes in the Vincente Calderon, it seemed Leicester had weathered the storm.

Not only that, they were even starting to see more of the ball around Atletico Madrid’s area.

However, one swift break away from Antoinne Griezmann and Leicester were in trouble. Having raced down the left wing, contact from Marc Albrighton was enough to see the French international earn a penalty.

Albrighton was rightly unhappy with the decision. Although he’d unquestionably fouled the Griezmann, replays soon showed that the contact took place outside of the Leicester box.

This image also makes clear that contact did indeed take place before Griezmann  entered the area, as well as showing that the referee, standing no more than 12 yards away, had a perfectly clear view of the incident.

Who’d be a referee, eh?

Griezmann picked himself up off the deck and converted the spot kick, giving the home side the lead.

If this goal proves crucial, expect to hear plenty more about this decision.

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