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12th Oct 2016

The Sun used a Liverpool fan’s tweet and it didn’t end well

Reds fan Christian Wulff didn't take too kindly to the newspaper's actions.


San Marino might have lost their World Cup qualifier in Norway on Tuesday night, but there was still cause for celebration for the 201st best team in world football.

Mattia Stefanelli’s 54th-minute equaliser was the first goal the nation had scored in 15 years of World Cup qualifiers, and although the team would eventually be on the wrong end of a 4-1 defeat, it was still a memorable moment.

Although the goal sparked scenes of wild celebration amongst the San Marino team, you may have already seen that it didn’t go down too well with a certain group of Norwegian pundits.

Covering the game on Norwegian TV, the footage of their reaction quickly spread across social media, and was also reported on by The Sun, who used the above tweet from Liverpool fan Christian Wulff in their story.

With many Liverpool supporters boycotting The Sun following their inaccurate reporting of the Hillsborough disaster, Christian later explained that he’d changed his Twitter name to ‘Don’t Buy The Sun. JFT96’ upon realising his tweet had been featured in the article.

Hours later, another tweet from Christian confirmed that The Sun had indeed noticed, and presumably removed the tweet…

…But the move still went down well with his fellow Reds…