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25th Apr 2023

Police issue arrest warrant for Nate Diaz after he choked Logan Paul lookalike unconscious in street fight

Steve Hopkins

Diaz has been charged with suspicion of second-degree battery

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Nate Diaz on suspicion of second-degree battery after he choked out a ‘Logan Paul lookalike’ during a brawl on the street in New Orleans.

The incident took place in the Louisiana city after a boxing event that the former UFC fighter attended to support his friend Chris Avila, who beat Paul Bamba via unanimous decision, on Friday.

After the Misfits Boxing 6 event at XULA Convention Center, Diaz – who beat Conor McGregor during his time in the Octagon – was filmed getting into an altercation with a man, who he appeared to choke out in what is now a viral video.

New Orleans Police Department has now reportedly issued a warrant for his arrest.

NOPD spokesperson Karen A. Boudrie told MMA Fighting: “There has been an arrest warrant issued — he is not in custody.”

Boudrie said NOPD issued the charge after gathering videos of the incident.

Second-degree battery is a felony in Louisiana that is punishable by up to eight years in prison “with or without hard labour,” a $2,000 fine or both.

Diaz’s representative declined comment when reached by MMA Fighting.

Earlier, Diaz was removed from the Misfits event for throwing a water bottle at TV star Chase DeMoor in reference to an incident at his UFC 202 press conference with McGregor years ago.

The controversy didn’t stop there as Diaz was soon involved in a brawl outside and was filmed giving a knee to boxer Rodney Peterson, who is a lookalike of the elder Paul brother, before choking him out and leaving him on the floor.

Petersen explained on his Instagram what allegedly went down, claiming that he got “attacked by Nate Diaz”.

He later vowed to exact his revenge on Diaz, who has 15 years of UFC experience after winning reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter 5.

In another Instagram video, Petersen said: “So I don’t know what the hell I did to Nate Diaz, “But I’ll telling you what, I’m going to knock him the f*** out when I know he’s coming.

“You caught me off guard, dude. “Did you think I was Logan? What the f***?”

Diaz is scheduled to face off in the boxing ring against Logan’s brother Jake Paul, who is returning to fight after his loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year.

In a statement NOPD said: “At or about 2:10am on Saturday April 22- NOPD’s Bourbon Street. Promenade officers and supervisors were alerted to a large altercation in the 400 block of Bourbon St.

“The officers were able to disperse the crowd. Witness alerted the officers to a white male subject who was believed to be unconscious. A short time later, the subject regained consciousness. Officers observed the subject was bleeding from the rear of his head and EMS was summoned to render aid. After investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for Nate Diaz. He has been charged with second-degree battery. He is not in custody at this time.”

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