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11th Apr 2017

Michael Carrick might just have told us he’s retiring in a few weeks…

Hang on a minute...


Let’s be honest, at 35 years of age, nobody was expecting Michel Carrick’s professional football career to go on much longer.

After all, it’s not like Manchester United would expect a 35-year-old to be one of their most important players, is it?

In a few weeks Carrick will have completed his eleventh season at Manchester United, a spell during which he’s won pretty much every trophy he could’ve possibly won. With his testimonial booked for early June, it remains to be seen if he will be handed the opportunity to extend his stay at Old Trafford by another year.

If he’s not offered a new deal in Manchester, the smart money might have gone on him making a move to the States for a money-spinning year or two in Major League Soccer or, as many have suggested, a stint with hometown club, Newcastle United.

Now though, Carrick has ruled out a return to the north east and, in doing so, appears to have suggested that his playing days could be just weeks from coming to an end.

Asked by Match of the Day Magazine about a move to Newcastle, Carrick said: “No, I think that has passed now.”

“When I was a kid and I was supporting Newcastle, I dreamt one day I would do but I count myself very fortunate to have played for Manchester United for so long.

“It is just one of those things where you cannot have everything. If and when I finish at Manchester United, that will probably be it, I think.

But despite this sounding like he’s giving serious consideration calling time on things when he finishes at Old Trafford, Carrick does go on to leave the door open for a move abroad.

“I am not getting ahead of myself, I have been here for so long and I have enjoyed it, I will not be playing for another club in England that is for sure.

“We will see what happens, I have not really got any plans past this, I am just enjoying how it is at the minute.”

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