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29th Jan 2017

Goalkeeper was sent off for peeing behind the goal during match in Scotland

This really takes the p*ss.


We often hear of bizarre situations in non-league games that couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Dogs entering the field of play. strikers stealing fans’ drinks, you know the drill.

But there’s always time for a low-level game to throw up something new.

You know, something like a goalkeeper being shown a red card for public urination.

That’s what happened to Shettleston’s Gary Whyte when his team took on Shotts Bon Accord in the West of Scotland Super League this weekend.

That moment was the only time you could have accused Shettleston of having a leaky defence during a 1-0 win that kept them top of the league.

Whenever you try to get away with a sneaky pee and the referee starts walking over, you know urine trouble.

Still, as the official reached for his pocket, there may have been some doubt as to whether the card would be red or yellow – a real willy or won’t he moment, you might say.

Naturally, like Whyte himself, fans on social media were quick to take the p*ss.

Perhaps Whyte was simply trying to demonstrate to the fans that he was the number one goalkeeper in the league.

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