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08th Apr 2017

Gary Neville faces backlash for claiming some Manchester United supporters aren’t ‘really’ fans

Many fans don't appreciate these comments


For some reason, Jesse Lingard severely divides opinion.

The Manchester United man is hard-working, committed, provides important cover in a number of positions, and has a knack for scoring important goals. That said, there are just as many United supporters who feel he is a weak link in the current squad as there are fans who love to see a homegrown talent starring for the club.

That is the nature of football fandom and everyone is entitled to their opinion. One of the joys of the national game is that it generates such disagreement and debate. That Lingard in particular attracts such strong feelings is perhaps a little bizarre, but his new contract at United certainly stirred up discussion about his worth.

The 24-year-old has committed to his boyhood club for four more years in a deal worth anywhere between £75k and £100k a week, and that is either well deserved or obscene, depending on your point of view. Although, Old Trafford alum Gary Neville was surprised when journalist Mark Ogden highlighted a divide in opinion.

The Sky Sports pundit went on to suggest that people who were unhappy about Lingard’s new deal were not really Manchester United fans if that was their standpoint, highlighting the fact that the energetic midfielder had been at the club since he was a young child.

Although many responded with tweets making the case for and against Lingard, highlighting his strengths and weaknesses, quite a number took exception to that fact that Neville was questioning whether fans were legitimately supporters of the club based on their point of view. They were upset that their allegiance was being questioned.

It’s true what they say about opinions being like arseholes – everyone else’s stinks.