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15th Apr 2017

Everton statement confirms The Sun newspaper has been banned by the club

'Not acceptable'

Simon Lloyd

A statement from Everton has confirmed that the club has banned The Sun newspaper following a controversial Kelvin MacKenzie column about Ross Barkley.

Along with likening Barkley, whose grandfather was born in Nigeria, to a gorilla, MacKenzie described the 23-year-old as ‘thick’ and ‘one of our dimmest footballers’. He also suggested that men from Liverpool who earned similar ‘pay packets’ to that of the midfielder were drug dealers.

In response to the article, Everton have now confirmed that the club informed The Sun on Friday that it was banned from Goodison Park, the club’s training ground and ‘all areas of the club’s operation’.

The statement continues: ‘Whilst we will not dignify any journalist with a response to appalling and indefensible allegations, the newspaper has to know that any attack on the City, either against a much respected community or individual, is not acceptable.’

MacKenzie, who was the editor of the newspaper at the time of their notorious coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy, was suspended by The Sun on Friday evening. A statement from the newspaper described MacKenzie’s comments as ‘wrong’ and ‘unfunny’, adding that a full investigation will be conducted when the 70-year-old returns from a holiday.


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