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11th Apr 2017

Eric Dier shares ANOTHER embarrassing Dele Alli throwback to celebrate his teammate’s birthday

Lots of people managed to miss this...


Being Dele Alli’s birthday, it was inevitable that Eric Dier would mark the occasion with some form of social media post.

After all, he’s got a bit of a reputation for including his Spurs and England teammate in his posts. Hot on the heels of the discovery of Alli’s old MySpace account last year, Dier took great delight in sharing video footage which appeared to show him singing Sandi Thom’s ‘I wish I was a punk rocker’ on his Twitter account.

So, when Dier’s birthday message to Alli landed on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, people might have expected a bit more than this, a picture of the pair on England duty.

But wait. Look at the message that accompanies the picture…

‘Swipe left for your present you little cutie’.

Making the most of a relatively recently-added Instagram feature which allows users to upload more than one image at a time, Dier shared another blast from Dier’s (not so distant) past.

Yep. That’s more like it.

Tottenham sit second in the Premier League after their 4-0 victory over Watford on Saturday. They welcome Bournemouth to White Hart Lane this weekend before their FA Cup semi-final with Chelsea on April 22.

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